Circuit Grant Information

Information from the Circuit Finance Team

Information on how to apply for a grant from the Circuit Advance Fund and also information on the rates for reimbursing visiting preachers.

Financial help

The ‘Guide to Churches seeking Financial Help for Property Work’ which is enclosed has been updated to take into account our experiences over the last two to three years of churches seeking help. Please read it and let me know if you have any queries.

Visiting preachers

If the Circuit Planners have arranged for a supernumerary minister to take a service in your church then the associated expenses are the responsibility of the Circuit. However if your church has invited a visiting preacher for some special occasion then the burden of expenses falls upon your church. The appropriate expenses are a preaching fee, and travel and accommodation expenses. Churches should use the Connexional guidance to Circuits as a basis to reimburse visiting preachers. This guidance is a preaching fee of £21 and travel by car at 25p/mile. The costs of other means of transport and of accommodation must be decided by the church concerned though accommodation is usually covered by local hospitality.

Circuit Grant Information

Circuit Employees and Volunteers

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