Chinese Mission



Chinese Church Congregation

The Chinese Church are the Synod Co-ordinating Group for Chinese Mission – Darlington District. We serve the Chinese communities within the North-East, mainly Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Durham. We have been based in the North-East for 8 years now, and we have currently just extended our work into Durham this academic year. Durham Chinese Methodist Church was founded in September 2014.

Student Ministry

We offer a range of students ministries that benefit students in the Durham District, this includes the Stand By Me project and student fellowships supports group.

Chinese Student Fellowship: Every Friday at 6pm at Elvet Church with dinner.

Student Prayer Meeting Group: Every Tuesday at 4.30pm at Elvet Church.

Stand By Me

This is a project to help to Chinese students to settle down in the UK during studies and provides them with encouragement and support.

Stand by me pairs mentors and students together in series meetings on a regular basis, to provide emotional and advisory support as well as give a chance to facilitate learning and to experience other cultures.

The church offers a mentorship training for those who are interested in participating in the project and provides pastoral care who may be going through tough problems or circumstances.

Church Ministry

At our church we offer a range of services and cell groups suitable for people from all walks of life.

Chinese Church Service: Every Sunday at 2pm at Elvet Church.

Children Sunday School: Every Sunday at 2pm at Elvet Church.

Family Cell Devotion Group: Every Tuesday at 11am at Elvet Church.

Bible Study Group: Every Tuesday at 6pm at Elvet Church with dinner.

Student Fellowship: Every Friday at 6pm at Elvet Church with dinner.

Other Services

Wedding Services

Personal Pastoral Care & Visitation

Baptism & Confirmation Services

Funeral Services


“When I joined the fellowship it gave me a family feeling that I don’t get anywhere else and I have learned a lot about God through the fellowship.” By Karen Lui.

“I have learned a lot from the fellowship and the meaning of Christianity and the friendship that I have made are meaningful and I feel like a part of the family.” By Iris Xia.

You are the most welcome to our church and activities!

The student fellowship is on every Friday on term time at 6pm at Elvet Methodist church.

Contact Information –

Rev Lawrence Law: 07949026972,

Rocky Chan – 07963431862,