Circuit Activities including our Mission Forum

Circuit Mission Forum

A Forum looking at what we actually mean by mission, and getting our heads together in a fairly-light-hearted way to look at our wider communities and where a serving and worshipping group of people might fit in these new and confusing times.

Each church tries to be represented at these quarterly meetings and we end our time of sharing with a faith lunch around 12.30.  We are always looking for Good News Stories to share.  We have a Facebook page  Circuit Mission Forum please ask to join our closed group.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 30th September when Bev Hollings and her District Mission Team will be joining us and we will be taking to the streets, in twos and threes, following some preparatory work beforehand.  Do come and join us.

Durham and Deerness Valley Circuit MF.beside

At our May meeting we went on a virtual Prayer Walk


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