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Marriage and Relationship Roadshows –

Marriage and Relationships An open evening in conversation with Revd Paul Smith and Revd Sam McBratney on the God in Love Unites Us report will take place at Elm Ridge Methodist Church (Carmel Road South, Darlington, DL3 8DJ) at 7pm on Tuesday 3rd March. Paul and Sam have different perspectives and represent different traditions in the life of the Methodist Church but have developed a firm friendship after years of dialogue on the issues involved. Please join us as we reflect together on the report.

Circuit Mission Forum

Mission Forum

The facilitation group: Penny Bissell (Elvet), Linda Templer (Carrville) and Sandra Burnip (Brandon) with Deacon Ruth Lackenby.

It was felt that as the Mission Forum will be entering a new phase due to staff changes, it would be a good time to express a little more formally the aims and intention of the group.

All churches in the Circuit are invited to participate and a good number do on a regular basis. In April this year a letter of re invitation was sent to those churches who do not attend, setting out the purpose of the group and enclosing some material and explanation of the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative. It remains to be seen if this will bear fruit. We aim to have three meetings during the connexional year.

After some discussion the following five points were felt to cover what the Mission Forum aims to address.

  • To encourage a culture of mission across the Circuit encouraging participation by each individual church.
  • To encourage a growing and deepening of personal discipleship through shared mission activities.
  • To enable and resource churches to better understand the culture of the community that they are set within.
  • To provide a safe space to share good news and best practice, develop confidence and support each church in their individual activities whilst broadening the concept of ‘mission’.
  • To enable and encourage the sharing of material and human resources
    across churches and ecumenically.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 13 June  9.30 for 10 am when we will be exploring our Perceptions of Mission


A Forum for looking at what we actually mean by mission, and getting our heads together in a fairly-light-hearted way to look at our wider communities and where a serving and worshiping group of people might fit in these new and confusing times.

Each church tries to be represented at these quarterly meetings and we end our time of sharing with a faith lunch around 12noon.  We are always looking for Good News Stories to share.  We have a Facebook page  Circuit Mission Forum please ask to join our closed group.

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