Durham and Deerness Valley Circuit

Circuit Steward and Treasurer  (download pdf) If anyone is interested please contact the current Treasurer, Malcolm Wadge or the Superintendent Minister, Rev Shaun Swithenbank.

Division of Responsibilities between the Treasurer and the Finance Officer

Circuit Steward ( Treasurer )

  1. General oversight of Circuit Finances with the support of the Circuit  Stewards and the Circuit Finance Team.
  2. In collaboration with the Circuit Finance Officer, presenting
  3. Distributing Standard Forms to Treasurers
  4. Complete annual P11D tax forms
  5. Liaise with Circuit treasurers
  6. Liaise as necessary with TMCP Manchester re Circuit Advance Fund
  7. Representing Finance at Circuit Meeting, Finance Team, Superintendent’s /Stewards meeting, Circuit Leadership Team
  8. Share representation of Circuit Stewards at Church Councils

Circuit Finance Officer

  1. Keep the accounts at Lloyds and CFB
  2. Be responsible for business arising from the accounts (monitoring income and expenditure, paying bills, seeking ministers’ phone/mileage claims.
  3. Preparation of budget, and annual accounts with the Treasurer.
  4. Provide financial summaries when requested for the Treasurer, Finance Team, Manse maintenance Team and others.
  5. Provide Standard Form analysis at year end
  6. Attend meetings of the Finance Team
  7. The division of responsibilities can be reviewed and revised in the light of experience.

Circuit Steward Job Description

  1. Responsible with the Superintendent, Presbyters, Deacons, and Probationers for the
    spiritual, and material well-being of the Circuit and for acting upon and upholding the
    decisions of the Circuit meeting
  2. All Circuit stewards are by definition Servants
  3. Responsibilities include ex-officio membership of all official meetings and committees of the Circuit.
  4. In the Durham and Deerness Valley Circuit we have divided the responsibilities for the
    various areas of work into three distinct groups.
    a) Manse finance and maintenance
    b) Circuit treasurer / assisted by Finance Officer
    c) Appointments and Policy


  1. Need to consult with churches where an appointment is due to end / or be extended.
  2. Prepare Circuit profile for inclusion in the appointments book.
  3. Liaise with the District Chair in finding a person who offers the gifts required for the area, but who also will provide a balance within the staff team for the onward development of the Circuit.
  4. Attend church councils, be aware of the developments in the local church. Be available for consultation on issues of difficulty or need.
  5. Attend training events to understand changes in the appointments system as determined by Conference.
  6. Ensure the appropriate Appointments Committee is operational when appointments are to be made.
  7. It is necessary to acquaint oneself with CPD to fulfil one’s duties adequately (ie. know where you can get the info when needed)

NB A Circuit Steward has the responsibility for all aspects of Circuit life,
including property, finance and spiritual growth