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During the pandemic all activities and worship services were suspended. Sunday worship services are now being held at Carrville at 10:30 am

The Chapel was built 1963 to accommodate the congregations of Clayton Street and Dixon Street Methodist Congregations The church aims:

  • To pursue deeper and closer fellowship with one another and with our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To nurture both the simplicity of our faith and an understanding of its depths, so that we might always demonstrate it and ever be able to give a confident account of it.
  • To develop the skills and abilities required to provide good pastoral care and service in the church and in the community.
  • To play a full part in incorporating Methodist core values and heritage into the Ecumenical process.

Service times

Sundays at 10:30 am – Morning Worship at Carrville Methodist Church

Tuesdays at 10:15


St John’s Road DH6 1AX


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Contact Information

For more information please contact the Minister or member of the ministerial team

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Minister  Rev Fiona Weir